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Please read the following conditions (the Terms of Service) for using the Thesis in Motion website ( – “the Site”).  By using the website you agree that you have read the terms and conditions and that you have understood them and agreed to be legally bound by them.  If you do not agree, please do not use this website, place an order or access the services it supplies.


About Thesis in Motion

Thesis in Motion is a company registered in Ontario, Canada.  We are an on-line platform that is intended for doctoral candidates in the Social Sciences at all stages in the development of their theses. (the Site) offers a guide (the TiM -Thesis in Motion- Guide), tips and blogs to assist candidates to prepare their thesis.   


The personalized component of our service is advisory. The Products and Services we provide are for reference purposes only, to assist you to develop your own work.  While we will advise you about how you might proceed with your thesis, we do not guarantee that our advice will provide the outcomes that you seek.


We are dedicated to providing an ethical service that respects academic integrity and the policies of your university. We do not write or revise your work.  We are not, and cannot be, a substitute for the requirements set by your university, your department and your faculty advisors and supervisors.  



The Site – Thesis in Motion website

Company –“ We”: Thesis in Motion, its website, and its managers, employees and associated services

Candidate– A person who is enrolled in a doctoral program at an accredited university.  

University requirements –  The terms to which you as a candidate have agreed by undertaking a program of study at your university.  These terms include the university and departmental policies that you must comply with in order to complete a degree program, the roles of and requirements set by of your course instructors, advisors, supervisor and/or thesis committee in guiding your work and in evaluating your progress in and completion of the degree program.

Client – “You”: A candidate who is registered to participate in the Thesis in Motion blog posts on the Site and/or who purchases services through the Site

Product –  a downloadable .pdf version of the Thesis in Motion (TiM) Guide, and/or material delivered to the Client as a result of the Personalized Service, and/or other products that may be offered through the Site.

Personalized Service (Service) – Communications between Thesis in Motion personnel and the client that may include the following: reading client-supplied drafts of work such as a thesis proposal, thesis drafts etc.; providing suggestions, information, support and guidelines for handling and developing the material submitted by the client and/or from the client’s supervisor(s) or sources; and supplying other information and support as deemed relevant and useful to the client.  

Order – an electronic request from the client, submitted on an on-line order form, for a paid service or product

Order status – the stage at which the order is being processed

Estimate – a quotation of the cost of a product or service

Service fee – fee for a product or service placed though the Shopping Cart on the Site



Blog Site and Social Media offers a community blog forum where you can register to participate, without charge, by identifying yourself through an email address.  Once registered, your entries in the blog can be anonymous to readers. We do not currently have a moderation policy so if you post a blog comment, it will appear immediately.  We encourage the free flow of ideas, tips, comments and experiences, and expect there to be dissenting opinions.  While the purpose of the Community blog forum is to encourage debate and critical analysis that other clients will find useful and interesting, we request that you respect the alternative opinions of others. At its sole discretion Thesis in Motion will delete posts that are deemed to be bigoted, racist, sexist, ageist, or mean-spirited. Thesis in Motion reserves the right to delete obvious attempts by 3rd party vendors to sell services and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advertisements using the blog or Site as well as other comments deemed to be inappropriate.  


Personalized Services

Thesis in Motion offers Personalized Services to individual candidates.  To place an order for a product or service, or for an estimate of a service, you will need to complete the on-line form and submit it through the Shopping Cart.   

When placing an order or previewing an estimate, you may be requested to provide the following:

Information about the requirements of your program: Stage reached, type of service requested, details of the subject, citation style, feedback received to date, and any other instructions.

Personal information: Your name; e-mail address, phone number, country of residence, payment information.  Please read and review our Privacy Policy.


Account information and security

As part of the registration for use of the Site you will be asked to provide your name and email address (one of which will be your user name for the Site) and to select a password

Account information:  Once registered, if you choose to request one or more personalized services or to purchase a product, you will be asked for your account information through PayPal or Stripe.  

Password:  You must keep your account information secure, and you must not disclose your password to others.  You are responsible for all activities associated with your account.  If you suspect that your password is no longer secure, you may change it by editing your profile on the Site.

If you forget your password, click here where you will be able to reset it.


Offer to purchase

By placing an order on the Site you are making an offer to purchase a product or service.  These will be available only when your payment has been authorized.  

The fee for the product or service is payable in advance, and we are under no obligation to provide the product or service until the Service Fee has been paid

Payment you make to the Site reflects the time and effort that Thesis in Motion personnel expended to gather, organize and present reference and guiding materials to assist you to move forward with the development of your thesis.  It also reflects the administration and maintenance of the Site for educational purposes

In the case of a Personalized Service, you are purchasing the product for your personal, non-commercial use only. All products are provided to you solely as examples for research, reference, and for the purposes of learning how to plan, write, develop and defend a thesis.


Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

All intellectual property rights on material that we develop for and post on the site are retained by us, including but not limited to the TiM Guide. Any information/ source or ideas used from any product must be properly cited.

Once the payment has been made by you and received by the Company, and Service delivered, the Company grants you a non-exclusive licence to use the products you have ordered for your personal, non-commercial use.

You agree not to distribute, publish, or transmit products from us without prior written consent, and not to exploit the product for commercial purpose. You agree not to put your name to any product and/or written materials delivered by us for you to use for research and thesis development purposes only.  

You are responsible for all losses we may suffer as a result of any and all unauthorized use made of our products and/or materials available from this site.


Client use of site

You must ensure that materials you provide to us comply with the laws applicable in your jurisdiction and do not infringe Intellectual Property Rights

The Company and its affiliates will not be responsible for any unethical, inappropriate or illegal use of its material or Products drawn from this Site.

You agree that any Product or service delivered by us is for your use as a model, guide and suggestion for your use in your thesis preparation. The user acknowledges that Thesis in Motion and are not responsible for defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any client, or third party and that the risk of harm resides entirely with the user.

The Company and its affiliates will not be responsible for poor grades, plagiarism, academic failure, loss of scholarships and/or awards, loss of employment and assistantships, and other disciplinary or legal actions arising from improper use of the site



The Company reserves the right to cancel any agreement, contract or service with any person who condones or attempts to pass any Product as their original work.

We do not condone or knowingly take part in plagiarism or any other form of academic fraud or dishonesty, including violating copyright and Intellectual Property Rights.  



The Products and Services we provide are for reference purposes only, to assist you to develop your own work. The Client uses the Site at their own risk and discretion, including any loss or damage to their computer that results from download or other forms of transmission.

The products are not intended to be final work and must be used solely to assist and support the work of the Candidate.

The Company does not represent or warrant to Clients that

  • Our product and services will serve to fulfill any requirement or policy of your academic institution, to meet thesis completion or other requirements set by your supervisor or the administrator of your thesis work
  • Client’s use of the services will be carried out in a timely and uninterrupted fashion, secure and free from error
  • Information provided by the Company will be accurate, up to date and reliable

No advice or information, whether oral or written received by the Client from the Company shall create a warranty not expressly stated in these terms


Limitations of liability provides a service on an ‘as is’ basis without any express or implied warranty , and in no event shall the Company, its representatives or affiliates, or its agents be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of

  • the use of or inability to use the Site and its products, services and materials
  • loss of earnings, profits or business opportunities, expenses costs or damages resulting directly or indirectly from any product or services purchased
  • any unauthorized access to, deletion or alteration of client transmissions, or use of or tampering with our secure servers and/or any personal information and/or financial information stored there-in
  • any bugs, viruses, or the like, which may have been transmitted to or through our site by any Client, candidate or third party
  • any errors or omissions in any content, or any loss or damage incurred as a result of use of the Site, or of its transmission by email, phone or otherwise

Although may provide links to third party sites, it does not endorse, assume responsibility for or warrant the products and services of such third parties.  Visitors to our and others’ sites are encouraged to view the Terms of Service and Privacy policies of our and third party sites.  

Thesis in Motion is not responsible for any statements, representations or content provided by Clients and users on any public forum, blog site or related social medium. reserves the right to make changes to the Site from time to time as it deems necessary for the security and well being of its Clients.

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