What we will do for you:

If you think you can use some one-on-one time with Anne, here’s what she offers:

Time with you to work on material that you have written. This could be at any stage; rough draft to detailed prose. In order to estimate how much of Anne’s time this will require, please send a draft to her personal e-mail together with a brief summary of the help you are seeking. Anne will get back to you with an estimate of the time she will need to read and discuss the material with you @ $95 per hour. She will also give you a time estimate of how long she will need to read the material and get back to you

You may then decide to go ahead or not. You are not bound by an estimate, and your drafts will be destroyed if you choose not to use the service.
If you choose to go ahead, select the payment amount at the store, and enter your email address. Anne will then contact you with a confirmation of the time and fee.

Discussion with you will be in person, or by Facebook Messenger, or Skype.
Anne cannot guarantee a fast turn-around of your drafts but will do her best.

What we won’t do:

Your work. We are there to support you, not to do your work for you. Our objective is to help you to go to your defense (whether an oral defense or not), prepared, confident and proud of what you have accomplished.

Editing. We are not an editing or a proof-reading service. If your writing requires editing we will let you know. Most theses abide by the APA style guide and we can suggest editing and formatting services if you need them, or you can use your own.

Replace supervisors and advisors.  We are not your thesis supervisor, committee, or the elusive reader (though we will be a proxy for the latter). We hope to be your guide on the side, so that you can proceed with the degree process for which you are registered. So it is important for you to give us or to withhold permission to liaise with your university contact. If you give permission we will ask you to sign a contract that allows us to liaise with your supervisor or contact person. We might do this to report back at your request or to advocate on your behalf. All such communications will be discrete and held in confidence. In any case we will discuss these with you before hand every time. Resources other than your supervisor and/or committee whom we may recommend may also require your consent to provide their services. We will make sure you are in agreement with the process and content of any communication before we contact anyone outside Thesis in Motion.

The store:

Estimates. Use the estimate menu to request a confidential estimate of the time and duration of a personal service. Include your e-mail address (see privacy policy below).

The store shopping cart allows you to select a length of service at $95 per hour. You can buy time by the hour, or in 5-hour blocks. Policy for secure Payment in the store (Paypal. Stripe). We use PayPal or Stripe to ensure that your payment is secure.

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